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Testimonials from Recent Clients

Angies List Member Comments:

We sold our house after only a few days on the market. The new owners wanted to take possession within 4 weeks. We had to move from over 4,000 ft. to a rental with less than 1,800 ft., so serious downsizing was in order.

I contacted Justus about holding an estate sale for us to dispose of furniture and household items that we no longer needed. Justus, Judy and Armando met with us, took pictures and cataloged every item we wanted included in the sale. We set the dates. On 7/29, they started began setting up for the sale, putting items on tables with prices. We wanted to keep some personal items out of the sale and they identified them with 'SOLD' tags or blue tape. They also sold some unusual items such as outdoor kitchen and a zero-turn mower. They advertised on several web sites and in local newspapers. The turnout for all three days was amazing, considering it was raining two of the three days. Eventually, most of the major items were sold in the sale. Justus arranged for a liquidation company to remove the remaining inventory, clean the house and make it ready for the new owners.

Overall we were very satisfied with Justus & Co. and would definitely use them again if needed.

Recommendation for Justus & Company 

Recently my husband and I downsized our lives from 3600 sq. feet to about 1600 sq feet in midtown-meaning little closet space available. This sort of life change for empty nesters is liberating, but most of all it is daunting, scary, and full of many pitfalls. My problem was that we had collected too much stuff over the course of living in a house for 20 years, along with harboring my kids’ things, and inheriting more stuff from both sets of parents that I had no idea how to begin to rid ourselves of too much stuff. (Yes I can only call it stuff—not material goods and/or wealth, or precious memories that we wanted to keep.) So we moved much of what we wanted to our new small abode, leaving all that stuff to dispose of in a timely and reasonable manner. While a garage sale might have been the answer, there was no way for us to make that happen, my husband’s schedule was too full, and certainly I did not have the wear with all to attempt it mostly alone.

My solution? Step One, visit the Memphis Better Business Bureau to assess Estate Sale companies—that website even allows you to email your selected businesses directly-super! Step Two, I selected several companies to come over to look over my house and provide bids. Step Three, EASY, I selected Justus and Company for a number of great reasons.

  • They looked at my many leftovers with positive advice.
  • They could “stage” my house in an appropriate light to increase sales.
  • Their commission percentages was a great bargain just above the going rate of 35%--and worth every penny, believe me, but at the time I really did know just how much they worked for a great sale. Again, an amazing bargain!
  • They are honest, hold integrity as their prime business principle, and extremely capable. They have a BBB rating of A+, well earned and well deserved.
  • They could stage my house and have a sale in a short period of time—no more agonizing.

So, in the end my sale was a smashing success, Justus and Company took great care of my stuff, sold it at appropriate prices and voila, problem solved! Moreover, they took great care of me and my husband through the process. I could not have asked for more, and we are truly grateful for their professionalism, common sense approach to helping us through this process, an above all they are incredibly easy to work with or alongside!

So if you are seeking an estate sale company, check with Justus and Company first and probably that will be your only consultation. I am available for an extended phone reference if needed.

Paula B., Ph.D.

Dear Justus & Co.,

Where do I begin to thank you for all you have done for me during the last month? You are remarkable people. You were there supporting me through the emotional roller coaster I was taking through this entire process. You handled my mothers estate with care and grace. You laughed and cried with me and were very patient during my ‘moments’. I would not have made it through this without you. God sent me an angel, and it was you.

May God bless you always,
Beverly K.


Taylor and I just want to thank you for handling our sale. We enjoyed working with your staff and felt confident with your knowledge and expertise as you established the value of the items to be sold. You all brought such a personal touch as if the items were your own. We greatly appreciate all you did to make this as easy as possible.

Leah Anne M.

From the Estate of Bessie B.

My many thanks to you for the work you put into the sale. It was actually better than we expected and very helpful in getting this toward resolution. I have sold a few more items since the sale (at a reduced price), so we are now down to a minimum number of items.

Unfortunately, I got very sick and was unable to attend your sale in Fox Meadows. I really did want to come. Please let me know where I can leave positive feedback for you. I want to be sure everyone possible is informed of what an outstanding job you guys did for us.

Thanks again,
Deborah L.
Byhalia, MS